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 The prices listed are for "CASH" or cashier’s check or bank wire transfer ONLY! Credit or debit card purchases will incur an additional 4% charge of the total invoice so we ENCOURAGE
Non Card transactions to save YOU money.
We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards.

We DO NOT accept American Express cards!
All painted items REQUIRE prepayment in full, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Appointments or shipping your new bed (see below.)
We will dispose of you damaged/ rusty bed for free or you can
take it back home with you.

(Bed prices DO NOT include tailgate, taillights, moldings, braces
or hardware, as these items are generally transferred to the new
bed from your old bed from your old bed.)

Bed Bolt Kit: REQUIRED ON ALL BED INSTALLATIONS              $    75.00 

Installation Pricing:

Basic installation F250-F350 single rear wheel                            $ 350.00

Basic installation DUALLY                                                                  $ 450.00

Remove and replace gooseneck 5th wheel other (Inquire)

Steam clean / pressure wash frame, suspension, rear end      $   75.00

Undercoat rear frame section before replacing bed                  $  100.00

Replace / install rear bumper                                                            $   65.00


Extend fuel filler neck and vent tube (required when installing new style bed on 1999-2010 truck)   $   100.00

Remove trailer wiring receptacle port (if inside bed) and rewire and remount inside new bed            $     75.00






Miscellaneous Accessories / Options:

Bed front panel oval plugs pair                                                             $    25.00

Tie down hooks inside bed in corners (set of 4)                                $    65.00

Tailgate top cap molding tan or black1999-2016                              $    90.00

Tailgate hardware kit complete standard handle                            $ 150.00 

Tailgate oval emblem                                                                                $   39.95

Tailgate access panel that goes on back side of TG                           $  85.00

Tailgate handle (VARIES by style and year)                        $   30.00 - $  70.00

Tailgate emblem F250 F350 Lariat King Ranch (INQUIRE)

1999-2007 style taillights (pair)                                                            $     65.00

2008-2015 style taillights (pair)                                                            $     85.00

Bed corner brace kit                                                                               $     90.00

Bed top molding set short:         Black                                                 $  225.00

Bed top molding set short:         Tan                                                    $  269.00

Bed top molding set long:          Black                                                  $  229.00

Bed top molding set long:                    Tan                                           $  289.00

Fuel filler neck assembly (if yours is rusty)                                       $    79.00

Splash shield set (also known as fender liners)                               $    65.00

Rear bumper NEW price range (INQUIRE)                       $ 249.00 - $  450.00



Appointments and/or Shipping your new bed

If you are having us install your bed, we will provide you  with a loaner car for the day of your appointment FREE.

Appointments for one day installations are available:

If you need your bed shipped, we recommend calling Dennis Hitchcock. (678)993-9016

They use independent contractors, their prices are usually very reasonable and they will pick your bed up at our facility and bring it to you.


Ask us about:

USED short beds

USED long beds

USED tailgates 1999-2007

USED tailgates 2008-2016

USED rear bumpers

USED doors, fenders, grills etc…


Our Address:

659 Airport Rd. Lawrenceville, GA 30046

(we are located about 30 miles NE of Atlanta)

(770) 962-5678



We look forward to serving you with your truck bed and tailgate needs.
Schedule an appointment to have your truck bed installed in just 1 day.

If you are driving to Georgia from out of state, we will provide a loaner car
for you for the day and point you in the right direction to spend the day
at one of Georgia's many fun places, 6 Flags theme park, Stone mountain park,
Lake Lanier Islands water park, Bass pro shops and target practice ranges or
the Mall of Georgia for all your shopping needs. All these places are just a short
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